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A wearable device for your pet that will help you track your pet and their health.


UX Researcher, UI


Figma, Canva


Many pet owners struggle with leaving their pets alone due to safety concerns, basic needs, and separation anxiety. A device that could alert them to these needs would be beneficial in alleviating anxieties for pets and their owners.


For our final class project, we were assigned the task of developing technology in any industry. As a group, we opted to design a wearable device for pets that connects to an app, enabling owners to monitor their pet's health.


WellWag is a wearable device for your pet that will bring peace of mind to, both, human and animal by illuminating your pet's needs so you’re never in the dark.

User Research


We interviewed 6 people and surveyed 28 in order to understand how pet parents engage with their pets and their health.

"Special vet deals that come with buying a wearable.” - Elisabeth

"Infinite battery life would be amazing" - Kenji

"It is important to know his breed, parent background, shot information, and health background, etc.”


Survey Results


States their pets get anxious when they leave.


Of pets are more comfortable wearing collars than other wearables.


are interested in sharing tracked info with their vet


Are interested in monitoring their pets location


Users are most interested in tracking their pet's:

  • Heartbeat

  • Location

  • Activity

  • Medication

Priority Features

Design Process





*With the user test results we did some changes in our Mid-Fi frames

Final Prototype


I really enjoyed working on this project with an amazing team. Being a part of the making of an awesome product was a really exciting experience.If this project was to continue, we have a few future feature paw-sibilities:

  • Medication Reminder Alerts

  • Ability to share medical records and app data to you pet's vet.

  • Extended battery life of up to 7 days.

  • Allow users to track pet's temp and sleeping patterns

  • Build more features out for kitties

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